Post-press services provided by PrintMark would be described as one of the most comprehensive vertical integration printers in HeYuan City, Guangdong area.

It has its own die-cutting mold making department in which all cut-cutting technical drawings are prepared by computers so as to guarantee the most accurate stamping molds would be made.

PrintMark has die-cutting machines, mounting machines for corrugated cardboards, lamination machines for non-corrugated paper boards. All kinds of vanishing, matte or gloss, will be the job of vanishing machines, automatic folding and gluing machines made the production of the folded box as simple as pushing a button. Plastic film lamination machine provides shiny or matte coating options other than vanishing to its customers. Foil stamping machines gives more choices on different embellishments or finishes for the paper packaging surfaces. The use of UV drying machine make fancy spot UV finish available at PrintMark as well.

In sum, all post-press production processes are finished under one roof guarantees the highest quality guarantee and cost efficiency for all customers of PrintMark.
Calender Varnishing
Automatic Folding & Gluing
Automatic Folding & Gluing
Hot Stamping
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