Being an aggressive and innovative printing factory, Printmark has been keeping abreast with the latest printing technology developments. In addition to make use of CD to retrieve artwork information, Customer can also upload their artwork files by FTP. For print-proof, traditional proofing and advanced digital print-proof are both available at Printmark. Besides, experienced and professional Hong Kong technicians operate computerized five-color German printing machines, ensuring efficient and quality production. Finally Printmark has also set up a special department to take care of the print proof and film output, ensuring that the color of the final printed products consistently matching with the original artwork.
Man Roland
705 , 704
Traditional press
Plate Setter

PrintMark was equipped with several German-made printers including 4-color and 5-color Man Roland and 5-color Heidelberg so as to ensure the stability of the printing quality.

PrintMark has also introduced X-Rite FMIII spot color matching system to prepare spot color ink in a more scientific and systemic way. All spot color data will be stored and retrieved from computer software which allows color matching and comparison more efficient.

With the help of the equipment called , PrintMark can prepare spot color swatches/stripes without using traditional press printers. It means that customers would review spot colors before press at almost like cost. The color swatches / stripes from this spot color- making machine would help remedying the shortcomings of print proofs from digital printers in which actual spot colors are not available.

X-rite is one of the must-to-use daily tools of all technicians who are in charge of the printing of the off-set printers. Technicians use X-rite to check and record all color readings of all outputs and they also use the readings to compare with the color readings requested by the customers. In sum, color matching is not only checked and corrected by visual checking but also by objective data analysis.

Detailed and scientific color matching ability of each print output with targeted output is evaluated by the use of PressSIGN and its reading device . Meanwhile, PressSIGN reports would be sent to customers together with the actual outputs so that each customer would assess the color consistency of all outputs with both subjective means (visual evaluation) and objective means (data analysis of PressSIGN reports) so as to achieve the highest level of color consistency among all proofs and off-set printing outputs.

Computer to Plate System
Digital proof
Computer Room
Digital proof

Prepress department is wholly equipped with Mac computers with the latest and up-to-date software so as to uphold the highest standard of Color Management System.

The high speed Internet connection allows all data and files would be digitally transferable with both internal and external customers in the most efficient way.

device is used daily in Prepress department to measure the color quality of all outputs and its data will be analyzed with the use of EFI software. Color calibration is performed everyday among all print proof-making digital printers so as to ensure the color consistency among all outputs. Besides, color calibration among all digital printers and off-set printers is carried regularly to ensure color consistency.

PrintMarks computer-to-plate system is operated under Prinergy EVO software environment which enables accurate dot spots on plates and plate-making Kodak Trendsetter on the other hand ensures the quality of plate outputs. The best quality of all plates will be further assured with the use of TECHKON to analyze all dot data of each plate. Correction and adjustment on plates will then be made after having analysis report from TECHKON.

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